#3 Jorge Aslan


Interview with Jorge Aslan; titular architect at Aslan & Ezcurra. Carried out by Ignacio Montaldo for LABDA on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

Aslan & Ezcurra studio was founded in 1929 by José Aslan (1909 – 1981) and Héctor Ezcurra (1901 – 1980) barely graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Buenos Aires. In 1960; Alejandro Madero (1960-1991), Lorenzo Gigli (1960-2015) and Jorge Aslan joined as partners; in 1980 Marta Aslan joined; in 1991, Alejandro Madero (h); in 2012; Nicolás Gigli and Alejandro Madero (n).
In part I, we talked about the start of the office, and about different participations both in the project, Construction Management, and construction stage, of public housing projects; Conjuntos Soldati, Piedrabuena, Covipol, and Vicente López.
(COVIPOL was realized in association with Gazzó, Meyer, and Rivarola Architects.)
(In reference to Soldati, when Aslan mention company “SITRA” would say “DICASA” company ).
(The photographs included in Vicente López report were made by Aníbal Bizzotto and edited by Ignacio Montaldo).
In part II, we discussed Hoechst building, in San Isidro. In Part III, we discussed public competitions as a way of commissioning and increasing the participation of architects in the city.